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(21.12.2017) As a Christmas special, we have an interview with rider Angus Morton of US continental team Jelly Belly. It was recorded back in June and the main topic is the amazing series of movies Thereabouts, which he and his brother Lachlan, of Dimension Data fame, filmed over the past few years. We also talked about burnouts connected to the sport, brothers in peloton and other interesting topics. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Angus Morton.

Check out Thereabouts at http://www.thereabouts.com.au

*Uvedomujeme si, že nie všetci majú záujem počúvať interview v angličtine. Presne pre nich tu máme tiež prepis rozhovoru, ktorý si môžete prečítať v denníku Pravda https://zurnal.pravda.sk/rozhovory/clanok/438462-bicykel-bol-pre-mna-nastrojom-strachu-a-trapenia/

Photo: Jelly Belly Cycling Team/Facebook

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