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Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin with Tina Poliačková
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In the 29th issue of Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin, we talk to Tina Poliačková, a curator and contemporary art critic based in Prague with Slovak roots.

Last year she received The Věra Jirousová award (for visual art critics) in the category of emerging art critics with her text The Search for the lost God (Hľadanie strateného Boha). As a reward, she received a few days' stay in Berlin in cooperation with the Czech Centre Berlin, which she visited in May this year. Currently, she is completing a PhD programme at the Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of doc. Václav Magid, where she researches the phenomenon of "romanticism" in contemporary art. She contributes to various Czech magazines focused on visual art and co-curates exhibitions at independent contemporary galleries(Berlinskej Model, and Holešovická šachta). She also performs as a DJ under the pseudonym "dirrtina" as part of the DJ/AV collective Blazing Bullets, where she is involved in experimental and post-club music. She studied History of Art at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and MA in Theory and History of Modern and Contemporary Art at UMPRUM in Prague.

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