CGIF 2019: How to Expand Your Startup - Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

CGIF 2019: How to Expand Your Startup
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Recorded 09.04.2019 at Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

The German-Czech Innovation Festival (CGIF) presents innovations, science, new technologies and startups from the Czech Republic and offers a broad Czech-German platform for innovative business and academic cooperation.

The 4th CGIF focused on visions for innovations and Czech-German cooperation and how we can profit from interfaces between science and business. It was organised by the Czech Centre Berlin, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin and CzechInvest.


Czech startups are heading north to Berlin, but German tech pioneers have found their love for Prague or Brno too. How promising and how difficult is to expand from one country to another and does the Central European region offer an alternative to Silicon Valley? Success stories of nowadays.

Vaiva Seskeviciute, PR & Communications Manager, E.ON :agile

Jan Vařák, Project Manager, Ackee

Ingo Voges, Project Manager, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology


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