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3x3 Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin with Jakub Valenta
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In the 10th issue of the series Contemporary Czech Art I would like to introduce Jakub Valenta, who is an artist and software developer. He has been living in Berlin for the last four years.

Most of Jakub’s projects are digital, usually presented as a web page, in an intentionally unaesthetic form, or using common technology such as a calendar app, Google documents, emojis, or Twitter. He often creates periodically updated collections of material he discovers. Jakub’s work can be seen as a series of short comments on our current society with a sense of appreciation for the bizarre aspects of everyday life. Several of his projects take a personal point of view and test the boundaries of privacy. In this interview we speak e.g. about his corona-inspired art project on Twitter, where he collects chances and opportunities, that covid-19 gives us. Or about the 35 emojis that go beyond the hugs and kisses of the standard emoji set and why he addedan emoji of the typical czech meal Svíková.

More about this episode, Jakub Valenta and the whole series on our webiste: http://berlin.czechcentres.cz/uber-uns/neue-meldungen/3x3jakubvalenta

Photo: Jakub Valenta: Real Emoji (2019)

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