Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin w/ Anna Kubelík - Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin

Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin w/ Anna Kubelík
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This episode of the CCAiB podcast features Anna Kubelík, a multimedia artist. Trained as an architect, Anna Kubelík has shifted her practice into art that works with space using any medium needed to create contextualized projects. Most of her projects are generated in transdisciplinary processes with other artists or scientists.

After creating numerous performative objects and installations in the last decades she is currently creating new bodies of works related to her family history connected to the czech-suisse conductor Rafael Kubelík, musical and scientific instruments, and reinvented architectures.

Anna Kubelík is a professor of “artistic experimental design” at the architecture faculty in Constance, Germany, and holds the position of principal investigator at the Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity”, which enables her to act as a curator between artistic practices and science.

Contemporary Czech Art in Berlin (CCAiB) aims to systematically map, render visible, interconnect, and expand the existing networks of artists and curators with Czech-German backgrounds. This project is built upon three key pillars: an online podcast, studio visits, and networking events. The podcast's essence lies in crafting a timeless online database that not only spotlights individual positions but also portrays a nuanced web of relationships by charting the Czech art scene within the context of its ties to the German art scene. Through this approach, we offer an overview of the breadth of connections and also archive individual positions, potentially enhancing the prospects for future collaborations.

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